So in effort to get this thing up-and-started, another idea for the day.

So the House passed a health care reform bill, but I do not see anything in it that significantly moves our profession forward. Yeah, it provides the opportunity for CMRs and MTM services, but it is not anything more than current Medicare Part D MTM provisions repackaged (and I don’t see too many community pharmacies taking advantage of those).

In fact, when “practitioner” is defined in integrated care models, I do not even see pharmacists listed (unless I am missing it). I think pharmacists can have tremendous impact in primary care environments helping to manage various chronic disease states that have high medication utilization. And we can provide some of those services at lower cost to the system than many of those services are being provided today. We could lower both direct and long-term costs to the system.

Why doesn’t the current health-care reform debate utilize the clinical skills of pharmacists to a greater extent??

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