Well, here comes another pre-holiday debate!

So, I have been at a number of pharmacies thus far, as I don’t have a single pharmacy to call my home. But I make sure that I counsel every patient on every prescription, new, refill, OTC, everything. And no matter where I work, I hear patients tell me, “Its just refills”, or “I never have to talk to X pharmacist about my medications”.

But how are we supposed to figure out whether a medication is working appropriately for our patients if we don’t counsel them on refills?

So my question today is:

Is it possible to change patients expectation about counseling and the role of pharmacists (or pharmaceutical care) if not all pharmacists in a practice are sending a consistent message about the importance of consultation and pharmacist monitoring??

I think that if Joe the pharmacist works T/Wed/Th and Joe doesn’t really consult very much because he wants to make the pharmacy more convenient, but he is a very nice guy and patients like him. (After all he doesn’t make them talk). Then Mary the pharmacist works M/F and she consults every patient thoroughly, will the inconsistency in the pharmacy practice make it difficult for Mary to practice utilizing more cognitive skills/services?

There are pockets of pharmacists doing some great things with pharmaceutical care. I also believe there are many out there that desire to, but because of inconsistency between providers in their organization find it much more difficult to get any progress going.

So, is there value in consistency of values within a pharmacy organization?

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