I hope everyone had a great holiday season and has gotten back safely from all of their trips this season.

So this holiday season I was out of the country for several weeks and while I was there I, unfortunately, had the opportunity to experience some of their medical system first-hand. The first thing that struck me when I entered this pharmacy in Asia was that, “Hey, this looks like a health-care environment!”. Where were the sodas? Where were the salty snacks? Where were the gifts, the trinkets, the candies, the photo section, the cosmetic section? What was this pharmacy? It was a counter with a pharmacist preparing medicines behind it and a few limited OTC medications near the waiting area out front.

Do I think this was a perfect pharmacy environment? No, it was a little small. This lead to minimal privacy at the counter. A sit down desk might be better than a retail-ish looking counter. However, it would be a large environmental improvement to many of the pharmacies we are seeing here now which tend to look more like a convenience store than a health-care provider office.

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