So yet again, another set of cases reported of contaminated food products leading to food-borne illness.

Now it is lettuce. Last time it was spinach, jalapenos, and tomatoes. When will the country realize that this large scale corporate agribusiness, while providing wildly inexpensive food in massive quantities may be causing harm to our population’s health?

We know very well that large populations in small quarters are at higher risk of disease spread (nursing homes, prisons, day cares, etc.). So it should not be surprising that these large “cattle farms”, for lack of a better term, are potential hotbeds for disease. I think it is time for consumers to fight back for a safe food supply and for the rights of small farmers.

I think it is time for me to start eating more organic and locally grown food and I encourage others to join me!

(Check out the movie “Food Inc.” for quite a shocking expose on the american food production industry.)

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